Anna Maitz


Anna was born and raised in Sweden and finished her Master’s Degree in Ethology at Linköping’s University in Sweden. Afterwards, Anna decided to get some work experience, so she traveled to the island of St. Eustatius in 2010, and she hasn’t left since. She started out working as a volunteer and then later became an intern at the local nature conservation foundation STENAPA, working in the marine park and the sea turtle program. From there on, her interest and passion for tropical marine biology grew and evolved, and she continued to work as a marine park ranger for a couple of years. In addition to this, she worked as a teacher for the Statia Terminal School on St. Eustatius and gained further experience and passion for teaching young minds about the world around them.

Anna Maitz is now a Marine Biologist at the Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute (CNSI). She joined CNSI in August 2018 as a marine ecology researcher, and the education and outreach officer. Her main focus is to grasp a better understanding of the impact of the invasive seagrass species Halophila stipulacea on the native ecosystem.

You can learn more about seagrass and its importance to our marine ecosystems this year at Sea & Learn!

Divers who want to make a difference can be part of a team to survey, collect, and analyze seagrass found within the Saba Marine Park.  From this field project, Anna should be able to analyze the seagrass to determine whether these are invasive species, and from where and what impact they are having on Saba's ecosystem.  

Anna Maitz will be presenting on October 7th, 2019! We will be updating our calendar with activity dates and times as we continue to coordinate our event. Stay tuned!

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