Dahlia Hassell


Dahlia Hassell is no stranger to the Sea & Learn event. A local from Saba, she was constantly found at the Saba Conservation Foundation, especially around the Saba Marine Park either cleaning moorings, or doing regular research dives. Her passion in the marine environment began early, as a daughter of a past Saba Bank fisherman. Her involvement grew with the local activities, including Sea Scouts. Being so active in the Saba Marine Park, it was only natural that she would be attracted to Sea & Learn. She started as a participant in the local high school, followed as an intern, and last year was her first year as an invited expert at the event!

She went off the island to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and completed her Masters of Science in Aquaculture and Marine Resources Management last year. Currently, Dahlia is residing on the island of Bonaire and works as an environmental consultant. Her work ranges from marine research such as analysing the coral reefs of Bonaire to community development with the local fishermen for co-management of sustainable fisheries. Her interest in Reef Restoration began when she witnessed Saba’s first coral nursery back in 2015, and now she continues her interest as the program manager of the Coral Restoration project with Saba Conservation Foundation.

Dahlia will be sharing with you the importance of coral restoration on Saba, and overall in the Caribbean, while getting you involved in local citizen science. Get your dive gear and scrubby pads ready for this year’s event because we are going to be working together to save the coral!


We will be updating our calendar with activity dates and times as we continue to coordinate our event. Stay tuned!

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