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Edie Widder


Dr. Edie Widder is a MacArthur Fellow, a deep-sea explorer and conservationist. A world authority on marine bioluminescence, Edie has racked up hundreds of dives in deep diving submersibles both as passenger and pilot. She has helped develop new tools for deep sea exploration that have produced many observations of animals and behaviours never seen before, including the first video of a giant squid filmed in its natural habitat (filmed off Japan in 2012) and in July 2019 the first video of a live giant squid filmed in US waters, less than 100 miles south of New Orleans. She has also spearheaded the development of water quality monitoring systems and new methods of mapping pollution.


In 2005, in order to help protect the ocean she loves, she helped found the Ocean Research & Conservation Association. ORCA is dedicated to the study and protection of marine ecosystems and the species they sustain through development of innovative technologies, science-based conservation action and public education.

Edie is a renowned scientist who is also a a return Sea & Learn expert. Last time she visited Saba, she wowed us with her knowledge on ostracods. Join Edie for another awe-inspiring night snorkel to see Saba's underwater light show. Edie will also be this year's Opening Night speaker on October 1st presenting on "Here be Monsters".

Evening Presentation: Opening Night Friday, October 1st

Field Project: Sunset Snorkel Saturday, October 2nd