Franklin Axelrod


Frank Axelrod is well-known within Saba’s nature community, having done years of research on Saba’s plant species. Frank has collected over 1000 species on Saba, with the help of his wife, Jean Turnquist. Frank is described as Saba's foremost plant species expert and discoverer of Saba's first ever endemic plant species.

Frank is currently the Collections Manager at the Herbarium of the Biology Department at the University of Puerto Rico—Río Piedras (UPRRP).  He came to Puerto Rico 40 years ago and has been collecting and identifying plants there for almost 35 years.  He has collected over 17,000 specimens of plants in many islands of the Greater and Lesser Antilles.


Between November 2013 and August 2018, he collected over 1000 specimens on Saba for the purpose of making an inventory of the vascular plants on the island.  He has also studied and vetted most of the known historical specimens of vascular plants collected on Saba. Now there is a complete and correct view of what is and what has been present on Saba.

How many species of ferns can be found on Saba?  That's just one question Frank can answer when you are immersed in Saba's enchanting rain and cloud forest.  Surrounded by epiphytes, tree ferns, 3-story banana trees and more, Frank promises a new Mt. Scenery experience as we learn how to identify vascular plants and their role in Saba’s terrestrial ecosystem.

We will be updating our calendar with activity dates and times as we continue to coordinate our event. Stay tuned!

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