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Hannah Madden was born and raised in the United Kingdom, then moved to Amsterdam in 1998. There, she worked in the humanitarian NGO sector, but eventually realized that life in the concrete jungle was not for her. In 2006, she packed her bags and moved to St. Eustatius. Hannah began volunteering for the local nature conservation non-profit there, known as the St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation (STENAPA). She quickly became the National Park Ranger and then the Terrestrial Areas Manager. During that time, she simultaneously pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies with the Open University and a Master’s degree with the University of the West Indies.

In 2016, Hannah began working for the Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute (CNSI) on St. Eustatius. She is a terrestrial ecologist there and has extensive knowledge of terrestrial species and ecosystems on St. Eustatius, having published numerous articles on a variety of species. However, over the years, Hannah has developed a passion for bird ecology and research. This has led her to focus particularly on Red-billed Tropicbirds and the Bridled Quail-dove, as well as annual monitoring of terrestrial bird species. Hannah is also a board member of Birds Caribbean.

Hannah Madden is well-known on Saba for her expertise on these majestic birds! You can learn more about Red-billed Tropicbirds and their importance to Saba’s ecosystem this year at Sea & Learn!

Do you know that Saba and St. Eustatius represent almost 50% of the world’s nesting habitat for Red-billed Tropicbirds? By registering for Hannah’s field project you will be transported to an accessible slope where you can observe nesting sites to understand their monogamous mating practices and good parenting!

Hannah Madden will be presenting on October 9th, 2019! We will be updating our calendar with activity dates and times as we continue to coordinate our event. Stay tuned!

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