Ikelite is a proud sponsor of our invited expert, Lindsey Doughterty, this year!

Ikelite's origin can be traced back to a man nicknamed "Ike" on a wreck dive with a group of friends in the early sixties. All of the dive lights either leaked or imploded that day. While driving home, Ike ruminated on this problem and began to imagine a better design - a dive light that was resilient, affordable and reliable. This product eventually became known as "Ike's light" and Ikelite Underwater Systems was born.

Moving forward, Ikelite continues to make innovative design accessible to every diver. Many Ikelite designs have now become so commonplace that we can hardly remember a time without them: the rotating bezel dive compass, the stainless-steel housing 'lidsnap', wireless TTL slave sensors, the strobe aiming light, a watch with integrated digital dive log, and more.

True to our roots, Ikelite remains a company of divers who celebrate community and truly enjoy the business. Thanks to all of our dealers and customers who have helped to make us a success!

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