Jim Ackerman


James (Jim) Ackerman obtained his PhD from Florida State University and is currently Professor and Director of the Natural History Collections (Herbarium & Zoology Museum) at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras.  He has supervised numerous graduate students and written over 145 scientific articles and 3 books, mostly on orchid ecology, taxonomy, and evolution.  He has conducted field studies in the United States (Hawaii, California, Colorado), Central & South America, and the Caribbean.

His current projects include research on the biogeography of plant species invasions across the Lesser Antilles, orchid floras of the Bahamas and Lesser Antilles, pollination networks of tropical beach vegetation, and population viability studies of native orchids on islands of the Caribbean. Saba, like so many other tropical islands, has undergone radical changes in its biota.  This includes the invasion of non-indigenous species, some of which have had drastic effects on the local flora and fauna.  One of the most remarkable components of the Saba flora is the elegant orchid Brassavola cucullata.  An inhabitant of lower elevations, its habitat has been severely altered by activities of man and goats. Jim has worked effortlessly to bring awareness to orchid species on Saba and within the Caribbean!

Get out your hiking shoes and plan to join Jim Ackerman on, perhaps, both a night and day hike!  Grab a friend or family member and look forward to not just the great scenery but learning which orchids are more attractive to pollinators and why. 

We will be updating our calendar with activity dates and times as we continue to coordinate our event. Stay tuned!

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