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Pete's Cottage is a traditional wooden cottage, which was well maintained, lovingly preserved through its many years , and boasts some beautiful original architectural details.

It is located in the heart of Windwardside, a convenient (meaning 2 minutes) and easy (meaning flat!) walk to most of Saba's restaurants, supermarkets, and dive centers. It has a gorgeous view of Mount Scenery, and while you are in Pete's Cottage you will be part of the Saban life. You can sit outside and be private or immerse yourself in the day to day happenings in our little street. A friendly greeting to passers by often turns into a laugh, a chat and maybe a discussion about rain and cisterns ( maybe even a Carib or two) with the locals.

While our prices have gone up we will keep the old price of $135 (with a 7 nights discount of 5%) during the Sea and Learn events. Our cottage sleeps 3 people.


For Reservations: