PBCCG Office
Kaya Fraternan di Skèrpènè  1
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T.: (+5999) 767 1584
F.: (+5999) 747 2922
E.: info@pbccaribbean.com

The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds was founded in 1953 with the aim of providing financial support for activities, projects and publications in the fields of history and literature, visual arts, performing arts, monument preservation and nature conservation on all six islands of the Netherlands Antilles. For 58 years now, the Cultuurfonds has been providing subsidies to many organisations, groups and individuals on the six islands and thus contributes to the cultural well-being of the inhabitants. When Aruba left the Antillean constellation after 1986, the board members chose to stay together in one foundation. After 2010, after the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles, the members again chose to continue working together in one foundation in order to support projects. In a period when each island is spreading its wings and determining its own direction, the Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribbean Area has chosen to anchor itself in the idea of ​​being able to achieve more together and mean more to the inhabitants of the six islands in the field of culture and conservation.

The Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribbean Area Foundation is a private and independent foundation with the aim of activities in the field of history, literature, visual arts, music, dance, theatre, art and cultural education, monument preservation and nature conservation on Curaçao, Aruba, Sint Maarten. , Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba by granting subsidies, in order to safeguard culture and nature on all six islands in their entirety, as well as to further develop and stimulate them. Priority is given to activities in which self-motivation plays an important role. The Cultuurfonds annually subsidizes more than 170 projects from individuals and institutions in the above areas. The foundation distinguishes between various fields of activity, which indicates a broad interpretation of the term 'culture'.