Reinoud Sleeman

Reinoud Sleeman is a senior seismologist at KNMI with a MSc degree in Geophysics from Utrecht University. He is very experienced in deploying and operating broad-band seismic networks, both in the Netherlands and the Caribbean, with the goal to monitor tectonic and volcanic seismicity in real-time. His research focus is on seismic instrumentation, data quality, volcano seismology, the detection of earthquakes and changes in seismic properties of the subsurface at volcanoes in the Lesser Antilles arc.


For many years he was a lecturer at international workshops on the use and interpretation of seismic data. Reinoud also manages the European data center for seismological waveform data, Orfeus, to facilitate open access to high quality seismic data by the research community.


Ground motion data collected by the seismometers on Saba and St. Eustatius is also openly available and used by international earthquake agencies like the Tsunami Warning Center and the USGS to provide timely information to the public.

Our dynamic duo of Reinoud and Elske will demonstrate how they are monitoring the seismic/volcanic activity both on Saba and elsewhere. Join them at the end of October for a hike at one of their monitoring locations to see why and how they they conduct this important research.