Saba Reach Foundation, formerly Foundation Social Workplace Saba, was established in 2007 by the Island Government of Saba.

The foundation was initially mandated to assist with the execution of the Social Workplace; a program offering employment opportunities to otherwise unemployable individuals with social or psychological challenges.

The second mandate of the foundation was the implementation of the Youth Opportunity Path program (in Dutch: SKJ Sociale Kanstrajecten Jongeren); a labor market training program for students who exited their high school education without a start qualification or diploma.

Shortly after its initial formation, the foundation expanded its operations to include an additional Adult Continuing Education (ACE) trajectory; an employment capacity enhancement department meant to offer professional courses and training to residents and visitors on Saba.

Saba Reach Foundation strives to educate, train, and upgrade the skills and knowledge of the people of Saba so as to create a larger base of skilled professionals fit for the local, regional, and international labor market. Besides exposure to key subject areas or trade, the beneficiaries also sharpen their interpersonal and social skills, allowing them to better adapt to the ongoing challenges in their work environments and grow with inevitable social and economic change.

Saba Reach Foundation
Eugenius Johnson Center

Windwardside, Saba

Dutch Caribbean

Tel: (+599) 416 3706