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Environmental Education Events

Beginning in 2024, the Sea & Learn Foundation will be conducting environmental events for the public throughout the year, focusing on different themes. Workshop dates and times will be updated regularly so check back for more information. Stay tuned!

Upcoming Workshops:


June 29, 2024: Vertical/Barrel Farming Workshop

Vertical farming is an innovative agricultural method where crops are grown in stacked layers. This technique maximizes space efficiency and reduces the need for large areas of land. Vertical farming can also help reduce food transportation costs and carbon emissions--a healthier alternative for planet Earth!

Join us this June to learn how to cultivate plants year-round while significantly decreasing your water usage AND repurpose existing containers on the island to create your own personal vertical garden! Sam Frederick will once again be our go-to guy for expertise.


Wicking Beds Workshop: TBD

Bring your own container if you want to build a wicking bed at the workshop OR simply come to learn and observe the techniques as Sam Frederick leads participants through the hands-on process of building wicking beds.


Any impermeable container that is at least 12 inches deep can work as a wicking bed. Do you have an old plastic bin that you’re not using? It could be a wicking bed! Larger beds can be made by using plastic lining inside a wooden frame.







October 1-27, 2024: Sea & Learn

Every other night in October, a dynamic large screen presentation is provided by one of our invited experts. Citizen scientists are created when locals and visitors partake in marine and terrestrial activities. The fieldwork ranges from measuring growth rates of Saba's endemic orchids to identifying fluorescing scorpions on a night hike or sexing a turtle. The focus for all events is enhancing environmental awareness. Join us for a happy hour presentation or public field project focused on hands-on citizen science!








Previous Workshops:


February 24, 2024: Composting Workshop

Learn from Sam Frederick how to turn food scraps into rich soil by working with nature. You can reduce waste and create nutrient-rich soil for your home garden with minimal effort by creating an efficient composting system. Sam will be demonstrating the basics of compost making, the dos and don'ts, the benefits of composting, and how to start your own composting units at home.

Sam Frederick is from the island of Dominica. Former garden manager of the Saba Reach Farm, Sam is now lead farmer at the hydroponics farm. He is an agronomist by training and holds an engineer's degree in plant production. 

February 10, 2024: Grow Your Own Microgreens

Microgreens are young, tender, edible plants, between a sprout and a baby green. These nutritious greens pack a nutritional punch! They contain up to 40x more nutrients than their mature, full grown crops. These versatile greens can be used as salads, for smoothies, in juices, or in sandwiches! Most importantly, they are very easy to grow and can be grown indoors and outdoors!


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