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Sea & Learn


Every other night in October, a dynamic large screen presentation is provided by one of our invited Experts. Citizen scientists are created when locals and visitors partake in marine and terrestrial activities. The fieldwork ranges from measuring growth rates of Saba's endemic orchids to identifying fluorescing scorpions on a night hike or sexing a turtle. The focus for all events is enhancing environmental awareness.


Sea & Learn experts are part of the October school's curriculum and conduct hands-on field projects with students from kindergarten through high school to understand the value of Saba's nature and its importance to the region. Additionally, outreach at the LIFE Center engages Saba's elderly population. The month-long event is made possible by our sponsors. With the exception of the school program, all events are open to the public and free of charge.


The Sea & Learn 2024 program is now being coordinated. The various calendars are updated throughout the year. Monitor the calendars for updates on venues, field projects, and more. 


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