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Sea & Learn Foundation


We partner with WIDECAST for an easy tax-deductible process. Please be sure to enter Sea & Learn Foundation in the 'Project or Country you wish to support' link. 

Be part of the community to keep Saba an island like no other!


Why Should I Donate?
Your gift helps:

--ADVANCE SCIENCE Each year scientists come to Saba to engage the community in their areas of expertise.

--ENHANCE CREATIVE POTENTIAL We aim to inspire a new generation of creativity while reinforcing the value of traditional craftsmanship and art forms.

--FOSTER COLLABORATION By bringing the community together--government, scientists, artists, and visitors--we increase appreciation for Saba’s unique natural environment and cultural heritage.

--MAKE AN IMPACT Empower the the stakeholders of today and the activists of tomorrow.

Why Should I Donate?

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I donate by check?

Unfortunately, the Sea & Learn Foundation’s local bank on Saba no longer accepts checks but can accept bank transfers. Contact us for transfer instructions. 

Is my donation tax-deductible?

The Sea & Learn Foundation can provide registered tax receipts to US citizens or residents via
(donate button takes you to website).

WIDECAST is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so your contribution is tax-deductible under US law. Be certain to enter “Sea & Learn Foundation” in the project area on the WIDECAST donate page to ensure your donation is designated for Sea & Learn, otherwise it goes to the WIDECAST general fund.

How do I cancel my donation? 

If you choose to donate monthly, you can cancel your donation to the Sea & Learn Foundation anytime by emailing

How do I Adopt-A-Box?

Adoption is easy! Start by checking the Boxes Ready for Adoption page of this website. If you wish to adopt the box, email us or follow the link on the page: We have several other boxes "in the works" that are not yet fully prepared. If you have a specific idea in mind for a box we do not have posted, contact us via email.

Frequently Asked Questions
Wha Else Can I Do To Help?

What Else Can I Do To Help?
Raffle Prizes

Who doesn’t like to win?! Our annual raffle creates many winners—the donors and recipients. Donating a raffle prize is an easy way to support our event while your donated item or service is in the spotlight. Donated items are highlighted before each presentation throughout the October event with prizes awarded at month-end. In-person audiences range from 50-150 persons with each event live-streamed to thousands. A Sea & Learn representative draws attention to each raffle prize each evening so it’s a great way to “get the word out” about your special product or service. The live streaming is via Facebook live so it can be viewed after the event as well as on Sea & Learn’s YouTube channel. Raffle prizes have included hotel stays, local artwork, sunset cruises, wine baskets and dinners, and more. Use your imagination! Email to discuss. 

Direct Sponsorship

Aligning your company with an organization that supports the environment and community of Saba is a win/win/win! “Tonight’s presentation is brought to you by ____________” is one way to support Sea & Learn.

In-Kind Sponsorship

Join our community of sponsors! The Sponsors page of our website demonstrates the many ways local and regional businesses provide in-kind sponsorship. Accommodating experts, offering experts extracurricular activities, and sponsoring travel costs are just some examples.

In-Kind Services

Your expertise is valuable to us! Our past success and future achievements rely on persons willing to donate their expertise. Whether you are a photographer, accountant, grant writer, app developer, lawyer or...surprise us! Your in-kind services can be of great value to our organization. We are specifically looking to establish 501(c)(3) status in the USA as a means of gaining potential donations from those persons requiring a tax deduction. Assistance with this process is at the top of our list.


Protecting nature and cultural heritage is contagious! If you live on Saba or are planning a longer-term visit, contact us to discuss your availability, willingness, and skills you can offer. Unfortunately, at this time, our budget does not allow for accommodations assistance.

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Like our projects? Share your story with us; we want to hear from you! The Sea & Learn Foundation is listed on Great NonProfits. All reviews are visible to potential donors and volunteers. Your feedback is a quick and easy way to support our programs.

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