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Adopt-A-Box is the innovative project that is cleverly transforming eye sores into a tourism attraction while increasing nature and cultural heritage awareness. The Saba Electric Company placed the island’s power lines underground in a multi-year renovation beginning in the mid-2010s to safeguard the island’s power supply during storms and other disruptions. As a result, there are electrical distribution boxes (also known as meter walls) scattered across the island that are visually unappealing and exposed to the elements. Adopt-A-Box is transforming these eyesores into an engaging walking tour by installing doors fronted with storyboards featuring the history, art, and nature of Saba.

What's Involved?

“Our roadsides have been beautified by the Adopt-A-Box program. Large electrical boxes serving homes and businesses are covered by an attractive painting or a collection of old photos explaining a particular piece of Saba flora and fauna; or about people of Saba. I have learned amazing stories of valiant people who either lived during the difficult past, and those who went far out of their way to help others.”
-Ellen Lockhart, Local Resident, Saba Lacemaker, SLF Program Enthusiast

Adopt-A-Box is a truly collaborative, community-led project, combining the talents of local students, artists, carpenters, photographers, historians, nature enthusiasts, and the elderly. The Saban community is brought together to partake in community development that fosters meaningful connections among locals and for visitors, cultivating pride in what makes Saba so unique. 


Boxes have been adopted by families, community organizations, and companies to commemorate key figures, meaningful events, treasured native and endemic wildlife, and monumental aspects of Saba’s heritage to be treasured and shared with all who pass by.


Saba’s youth have also been involved in creating storyboard art and constructing the doors themselves! High school vocational students, under the direction of a mentor, designed and constructed custom-made doors for meter walls. Primary and high school students also have contributed paintings based on Saba’s heritage that feature on a number of the storyboards.


Once a box has been adopted and the storyboard has been installed, we record a short “unveiling” video, generally with the board’s sponsor. Each video is unique and allows the sponsor to give more information on why they selected their topic, location, etc. Each video is then posted to the Sea & Learn Foundation’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and is accessible via our website, by clicking on the link paired with each storyboard.

What's Next?

“As a new visitor to the island who was interested in learning more about the island’s nature and cultural heritage, I was really surprised by all of the great Adopt-A-Box signs all over. It gave me an anchor to get involved and made my stay on Saba more beautiful.” 
-Tjerk Ridder, Dutch performance artist and recipient of the Pax Duif and Le Prix de Partage Européen


Beginning in 2024, SLF is launching a new approach to the project that brings together community members to highlight Saba’s distinct cultural and environmental heritage. If you have an interesting “Saba Story” to tell, reach out to the Sea & Learn team- we want to hear from you. The Sea & Learn Foundation is also in the process of developing an app that will highlight walking routes to see the different adopted boxes around Saba. Reach out to us if you’re interested in an activity involving Adopt-A-Box that can be a meaningful addition to a family vacation or team-building for a club or company.


The tabs above take you to the storyboards already installed throughout the island. You, too, can Adopt-A-Box for a powerful message! Inquire with the Sea & Learn team about a box location or topic you may be interested in- there are great locations still available for adoption!


In addition to individual box sponsors, Adopt-A-Box has received support from Public Entity Saba, Satel, Saba Electric Company, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebeid, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, Samenwerkende Fondsen, and Madurodam Kinderfonds.

Project Sponsors:

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