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The Foundation

Since 2003, the Sea & Learn Foundation is a not-for-profit organization on the Caribbean island of Saba, bringing together the local community and visitors to understand the value of preserving and protecting our natural environment and cultural heritage by empowering the stakeholders of today and the activists of tomorrow. The foundation's inception stems from its month-long environmental awareness program aptly named Sea & Learn.

The Sea & Learn Foundation is governed by a board that produces an annual report with a full accounting of income and expenses, audited by an independent accountant. The target group of the foundation encompasses a "K through grey" mentality to include Saba residents, local businesses, and visiting tourists of all ages. For more information, enjoy this website, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or contact us to answer any specific questions.

After 20 years of success, the Sea & Learn Foundation is elevating its impact and utilizing the dedication and vivacity of its experienced team to incorporate additional grassroots community projects.

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