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Iain McGaw

Iain McGaw is originally from the Isle of Man. He gained his PhD in 
Marine Biology in 1991 from Bangor University, UK. After this he moved 
to North America and carried out postdoctoral research at the Bamfield 
Marine Sciences Centre in British Columbia, Canada and in Charleston, 
South Carolina. He has held faculty positions at the University of 
Nevada, Las Vegas, and currently at Memorial University of Newfoundland, 
in St John’s, Canada. His research concentrates on the behavioural and 
physiological responses of crustaceans to environmental change. More 
recently he spent a six month sabbatical in The Bahamas where he 
investigated the responses of land crabs to predicted climate changes. 
This on-going work further aims to engage local harvesters in a two way 
knowledge transfer between traditional/historical perspectives of the 
land crab fishery and current scientific knowledge.

Let's go crabbin'! We will be scheduling a night hike in the forest to observe crab habitat, determine different species and even spy in to their homes. Date to be dertermined. Iain's presentation is scheduled for October 25.


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