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Jacob Frederick

Jacob was born and raised in the Kalinago Territory (Indigenous Reserve) in Dominica. The youngest of four siblings, he was gifted with an artistic eye and skillful hands. 

At a young age, he hiked the roads of Dominica, painting and sketching the landscape. Sculpting came at a later stage, mostly self taught with a few guided lessons here and there. Jacob’s sculpting was honed over the years and gained him international recognition in 2008.

His sculpture 'Survival' is on permanent display at the Changchun World Culture Park in China. His 2011 sculpture 'Equilibrium' is also on permanent display at the Changchun hi-tech Development Zone, China. His most recent has been on display in egypt from 2019, in honor of those who perished in War, Famine and Genocide.

From the village artist to the international stage, Jacob has certainly left his mark.

Jacob's workshops will take place at the Museum Grounds.

In order to further ensure you carve a one-of-a-kind piece, we encourage you to bring your own wood  from home—whether you have leftover scraps from a construction project or a cool walking stick you’ve found on a hike. 

Workshop 1: Saturday, April 27th 9 am-1 pm

Workshop 2: Sunday, April 28th 2-6 pm

Saba residents $25; Non-Resident $60



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