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John Magor


“There’s something about a good knife that speaks to you. Call it primal.”  

Always an admirer of skilled work, John took a special interest in knives when he cut himself on a fine kitchen knife given to him by a friend. I knew then I wanted to create one myself. I decided to take a knife class but living on Saba meant I would wait months before my schedule worked to attend a course. So I started watching YouTube videos, a lot of them! I create each knife with a purpose. Whether a survival knife, chef knife or fillet knife. The only problem is, once I create it, it’s so hard to hand it to another.”

John's workshops will take place at his workshop in Fort Bay next to Sea Saba. This course takes 3 sessions over 3 days; you must bring your own knife.

Workshop 1: Friday, September 1st 4-7pm, Saturday, September 2nd 3-4pm AND Monday, September 4th 4-7pm

Make a leather sheath for your favorite knife!
Saba Resident: $3
0; Non-Resident $60

John Magor has been living on Saba since 1989. He came to Saba as a dive instructor but continues to wear many hats from hair stylist to photographer, dive shop owner, diesel mechanic, compressor technician, fabricator and his latest endeavor, knife maker.

Facebook: Triton Saba

Instagram: @JohnnyBoySaba


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