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Mark Hemmings

Mark Hemmings is an internationally recognized professional photographer from Eastern Canada. Mark got his big break in 1998 working in the feature-film industry as a movie stills photographer, and then expanded to commercial work specializing in architectural photography. Mark is also a published author with the famous “For Dummies” series of instructional books, having written “iPhone Photography for Dummies” and “Android Smartphone Photography for Dummies”. Mark started teaching international photo workshops in 2004 in Hungary, and each year since has been helping workshop participants of all ages and abilities become better photographers. Mark’s photo workshop country list consists of multiple years of teaching in Hungary, Romania, Japan, England, Jordan, Israel, USA, various Caribbeanislands, Canada, Italy, Ireland, and Spain. Mark has been on 79 international photography jobs working as a pro photographer, and he is looking forward to sharing his knowledge with you. 


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Mark's workshops will take place during Event 4 (November 14-25). More information coming soon!

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