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Maud Kok


Maud Kok is a master student at Leiden University, the Netherlands. She is specializing in, here it comes, 'biodiversity and sustainability in combination with science communication and society'. She is interested in ecology and a sustainable world and she would like to work more on the bridge between science and society in her future career. For her internship and thesis with Naturalis Biodiversity Center, she visited Saba island in April 2018 with a group of students to study the mosquitoes of the Dutch Caribbean. Her role was to assess the ecology of different mosquito species and their distribution patterns between urban and natural areas. She also made vlogs of the fieldwork to give more insight in what doing research means altogether. Within one year she will have obtained her MSc and she would like to continue to work on projects like Sea & Learn in the Netherlands. 


The photo shows her with the notorious 'mosquito magnet' (weighs about 40 kilos in total, gas tank included) that she and a colleague carried up to mount scenery!


Maud Kok, along with her colleague Jordy van der Beek,  will be presenting on October 11th, 2018. We will be updating our calendar with activity dates and times as we continue to coordinate our event. Stay tuned!

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