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Nikki Furlong


Nikki Furlong is a self taught artist who grew up in Minnesota and now resides in Bellingham, WA. She has a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design with a background in Marketing. As a lifelong artist and crafter, Nikki gained many of her artistic skills through years of experimentation and exploration. She works primarily with paper, using strips of paper to create her work. This technique is known as quilling; a decorative art form popular during the Renaissance period. Nikki discovered paper quilling in the early 2000’s and was immediately drawn to the medium, primarily for its versatility and expressive range. She is able to combine centuries old techniques with new skills and tools to create designs that are current and modern.


Living in a region surrounded by trees and nature, Nikki creates many of her art and handmade items inspired by the natural environment. Her inspiration comes from hiking in the woods; observing the simplicity and beauty of her surroundings. Nikki has dedicated the last several years learning and perfecting her skills as an artist and becoming a small business owner. She has had her work displayed in art galleries and travels to markets and events selling her art and crafts. 

Be part of the comeback! Learn the renaissance craft of quilling with Nikki: 
$50 Non-Resident; $20 Saba Resident

Workshops held at Saba Reach (Saba Artisan Center) in The Bottom.


Workshop 1: Saturday, Feb 25th 9am-noon (FULL)

Workshop 2: Tuesday, Feb 28th 2-5pm

Workshop 3: Thursday, Mar 2nd 2-5pm


Nikki enjoys teaching the public about the art of quilling during art walks out of her studio in Bellingham. She hopes to continue to share her passion for her medium and show people the importance and beauty of traditional art and craft through her work.

Follow her work on Instagram @simply_quilled_designs


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