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From Trash to Treasure: Saba's Earth Day Celebration of Waste Management Excellence

Celebrate Earth Day the Saba way! 🌴🌊 This little gem of an island continues to show its commitment to keeping our planet pristine and vibrant---earning us the nickname the "Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean."
In addition to the island's excellent waste management facility, Saba has taken up the challenge of upcycling to tackle fast fashion and disposable furniture. Picture this: an island paradise where old becomes new, trash transforms into treasure, and creativity flourishes!
Instead of tossing out old goodies, Saba's residents are repurposing them into fabulous art pieces and stylish home decor or simply handing them down to one another.
But adults are not the only ones showing off their repurposing skills! School kids are also stepping up by turning coastal debris into colorful crafts.

During Create & Learn 2024, locals and tourists alike come together to produce stunning trash sculptures with Stephanie Hongo aka Sugarfox. Another eagerly anticipated workshop will focus on designing carnival costumes, made entirely from household odds and ends.

Saba also honors traditional artisans who skillfully craft stunning creations using locally sourced materials: carving wood, fashioning jewelry, dyeing with indigo and other plants and molding wild clay into stunning ceramics.
Saba is also home to Boomerang and the Red Cross Thrift Shop. 🔄 These unique stores are the definitions of one man's trash is another man's treasure. From clothes to pots and pans to books, you're sure to find something you need.
Be proud of the example Saba has set by showing that recycling and repurposing is always in style! 🌍♻️

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