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Yulia Anderson

Yulia Anderson, a modern embroidery artist, was born and raised in Russia and is currently living in Mississippi, US with her husband, two children and a cat. 

She learned the art of hand embroidery in middle school during a home economics class, and has been passionate about it ever since. 

Modern embroidery allows her to turn ideas into something tangible and authentic, bringing joy and a sense of accomplishment. She draws inspiration from floral and botanical motifs, the beauty of warm, grounding colors and textures. 

Yulia shares her love for embroidery while encouraging her students to create a piece of their own and find enjoyment that comes with making something with your hands. It is often found therapeutic, as stitching helps you slow down, relax and gives you freedom to create.

Hand embroidery made a huge comeback from its traditional form in the last few years and is now considered a modern maker craft. Yulia cannot wait to share her techniques and see others fall in love with embroidery.

Connect with her on IG and follow for inspiration, ideas and tutorials @matryoshkadollshop

Embroidery SHOP

Yulia's workshops will take place during Event 4 (November 14-25).

Her workshops will take place at Lambee's Place. Each session is 3 hours.

Session 1: Friday, November 15th 1-4pm

Session 2: Saturday, November 16th 1-4pm

Session 3: Sunday, November 17th 1-4pm

Saba residents $40/Non-Resident $20 per session

If you or someone you know would like to attend but cannot afford the workshop fee, please contact us!



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