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Vertical/Barrel Farming Workshop



Vertical farming is an innovative agricultural method where crops are grown in stacked layers. This technique maximizes space efficiency and reduces the need for large areas of land. Vertical farming can also help reduce food transportation costs and carbon emissions--a healthier alternative for planet Earth!

Join us this June to learn how to cultivate plants year-round while significantly decreasing your water usage AND repurpose existing containers on the island to create your own personal vertical garden! Sam Frederick will once again be our go-to guy for expertise.

This workshop will be held at the playground Under the Hill from 9 am until noon on Saturday, June 29.

Register online using the form below.

This workshop is supported by the Nature and Environment Policy Plan (NEPP) and specifically the hydroponics farm as part of the Public Entity Saba's aim to increase awareness among the community, to support more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices and to embed in the island community the knowledge needed to grow our own food through backyard farming practices.


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