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Create & Learn Schedule of Events

In 2023, there will be four Create & Learn events, each lasting approximately 10-14 days. Workshop dates and times to be updated regularly so check back for more information. Stay tuned!

Event 1 (Feb 22-Mar 8): Knitting part 1, Paper quilling, Fabric fusion, Glass art, and Indigo dye

Event 2 (Apr 12-26): Saba Lace, Knitting part 2, Card making, Basket weaving, and Stained glass

Event 3 (Jun 18-Jul 2): Sewing, Leather creations, Make your own Espadrilles, Macrame: crafted by nature, and Pottery part 1

Event 4 (Aug 24-Sep 7): Pottery part 2, Knife sheaths, Pyrography, Silver clay, and Painting


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