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Dale Griffin


Dr. Griffin received a B.S. in Microbiology in 1990 from the University of South Florida (USF). In December of 1994 he received a Master of Science in Public Health, with a research focus on methods development (multiplex-PCR) for the detection of pathogenic protozoa (C. parvum and G. lamblia) in environmental and public water samples, from USF (major advisor, Dr. Joan B. Rose).  In December of 1999 he received a Ph.D. with a research focus on the use of molecular methods for detection of water quality indicator microorganisms and pathogenic viruses in fresh and marine waters from USF (major advisor, Dr. Joan B. Rose). In his first Post Doctoral position he worked with Dr. John H. Paul III at USF on human enterovirus detection assays, marine lysogeny and isolation of viruses lytic to the red-tide agent (Karenia brevis). In his second Post Doctoral position he worked with Dr. Eugene A. Shinn (USGS) on a NASA funded grant to study microbiology and public health issues associated with transatlantic dust storms. Dr. Griffin spent 22 years studying transoceanic dust storms (African and Asian) that impact human, environmental and coral reef health in the Americas and the Caribbean. Dr. Griffin has authored or co-authored 83 peer-reviewed journal articles, 12 book sections, and 66 other publications (magazine articles, proceedings papers, cruise reports, convention papers, etc.) on issues in aquatic, soil, and atmospheric microbiology. If you are interested in reading research papers and review articles on the implications of global scale transport of desert dust check out one of the following two weblinks. The researchgate link provides access to most articles that Dr. Griffin has published.

Hurricanes aren't the only things we get from Africa! Sahara dust also affects us on Saba. But how? Dale will tell us!

Dale will be on Saba October 10-17.

Presentation: October 13

Field Project: TBD

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