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Eric Schneider


Eric Schneider is the Assistant Director of Research and Innovation at the Cape Eleuthera Institute, the research department of The Island School. Having lived and worked in South Eleuthera, The Bahamas for the last 10 years, his work focuses on improving the sustainability of fisheries and conserving marine biodiversity. He has collaborated with fishers on projects focused on a variety of commercially and recreationally important species, including stone crabs, pelagic sportfish, and bonefish. Eric received a BSc in Biology from Gettysburg College, an MSc in Natural Resources & Environmental Science from the University of Illinois, and a PhD in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Glasgow. Eric is also the Island School Research Class Coordinator and has been teaching marine science since 2013. He is a member of the IUCN Species Survival Commission's Shark Specialist Group and is an Adjunct Professor at Memorial University in Newfoundland.

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