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Heleen Cornet


Saba's prolific artist Heleen Cornet has captured Saba like no other.  

Heleen’s bio from her credentials to her awards can fill a book…she works primarily in watercolors and oil but also took 3 years to paint the ceiling of the Catholic Church in The Bottom.  She came to Saba with her husband, Tom van ‘t Hof in the early 80’s.  Together they have published numerous books that have been incremental to marine protection.  Tom and Heleen camped in the cloudforest of Mt. Scenery for extended periods.  While Heleen took these inspired times to canvas, Tom’s scientific observations are preserved in Saba's Unique Cloudforest, one of his books that can be purchased at the Saba Trail Shop as well as on  What a team!


Heleen Cornet will be teaching her Sunset Painting public workshop on Monday the 14th of May 2018.  See our schedule for more details.

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