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Jan Wieringa


Jan Wieringa has taken an interest in insects since he was 8 years old. During his Biology study he also became interested in plants, and finally did his PhD on a group of large African trees. Jan has spent several years in tropical Africa, especially Gabon, for collecting plants and insects. Next to research, Jan has been giving lectures and teaching field courses for several universities, with a focus on flora and fauna courses. Currently Jan Wieringa works as a scientist at Naturalis Biodiversity Center. Jan still has a general interest in insects and plants. For insects the research focus lies with Orthoptera (crickets), Coleoptera (beetles) and Hymenoptera (wasps).


How do you trap insects? Hike along with Jan and Aglaia!

Jan will be on Saba September 25-October 11

Presentation: October 5

Insect Field Project: October 6

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