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Ken Banks


Ken Banks is on the Board of Directors of the Trees That Feed Foundation (TTTF; He retired after over 30 years in natural resources management, as the manager of marine resources programs for local government in southeast Florida. During that time Ken was also an adjunct professor at Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center, an Affiliate Professor at Florida Atlantic University, and a Graduate Faculty Scholar at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Banks received his Ph.D. from Karl Franzens University in Graz, Austria where his primary research was to demonstrate how geomorphology is a driver for coral reef community structure. He has a diverse background with masters and bachelors degrees in biology, engineering, and geology. He is also a registered engineer in the state of Florida. Nested in his academic pursuits was a stint as a boat captain on various charter fishing vessels in southeast Florida and the Bahamas. Ken holds a Master Mariner’s license from the US Coast Guard.

Ken has a lifelong passion for growing tropical plants and trees, with a large personal collection at his home in Southeast Florida.  After retirement he received a Horticultural Specialist Certificate from Miami-Dade College. He currently provides tree grafting and management services to a local mango farm and homeowners.

Ken’s volunteer work with TTTF involves managing projects to provide fruit trees in countries of the Caribbean. The intent is to promote food security and reduce reliance on imported foods. Breadfruit is the mainstay of TTTF’s efforts, but a variety of other fruits have been sent to Barbados, the Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, Tobago, Montserrat, and others.

Dr. Banks will present the work of the Trees That Feed Foundation and discuss how science and training has been used to further their work and improve success in food production by local farmers. 

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