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Laura Nelkin

Laura Nelkin is a prolific and innovative knitwear designer. She is known for her complex but accessible designs that challenge knitters to think about their stitches in a new way. Taking inspiration from her home in the gorgeous Fingerlakes Region of Upstate New York, Laura loves incorporating elements into her designs that reference the landscape around her. An avid traveler and teacher, Laura brings her passion for knitting everywhere she goes.

Learn to Knit with LauraSun, Feb 26th 2-5pm
Join Laura Nelkin and learn to knit! We’ll start with an easy cast on and then learn basic knit stitches. Once you get the basics down you’ll get to start a pot-holder with yarn provided in class.


Cast On's and Bind Offs: Mon, Feb 27th 2-5pm
There are dozens of ways to cast on and bind off your knitting! This comprehensive class will refresh your technique, teach you new cast on’s, and best of all help you understand where and when each cast on is best used. This is a class for those who know how to knit and purl and are ready to build on those skills.


Knitting with Beads: Sat, Mar 4th 2-5pm
This class teaches multiple ways to knit with beads. You will learn how to place beads with a crochet hook or superfloss, how to work with pre-strung beads in a variety of ways, and if time permits how to work with beads on bind-offs and i-cord. We’ll discuss choosing beads and yarn, along with how to look at an existing pattern in your library and how to add beads to it. This is a class for those with basic knitting skills who are ready to add a little bling to their knitting! Kits with yarn, beads and tools are included with the class.

All classes $50 non-resident; $20 Saba resident

Workshops held at Chez Bubba Bistro.



Follow her work on:

Instagram: @lauranelkin
Ravelry: lauranelkin

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