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Mabel Nava

Mabel Nava is originally from Venezuela; the island of Bonaire has been her home for 18 years and since 2005 she has served as the Manager for Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB). Mabel has a Bachelor of Science with a major in psychology from Canyon College U.S.A and holds an MSc degree in Sustainable Development Coastal Management from the University of Cadiz. She believes that conservation of species is based on the protection of the environments on which we all depend; because of this she is very interested in interdisciplinary work and cooperation among countries and institutions. Mabel previously worked with youth programs and continues to involve youth in the monitoring work of STCB. She is an experienced scuba diver who is strongly connected with the sea and who thinks that everyone can make a difference.

We will be updating our calendar with activity dates and times as we continue to coordinate our event. Stay tuned!



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