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Maura Scanlon

Dr. Maura Scanlon is originally from Buffalo, New York, where she completed her master’s degree in fisheries biology. After graduating, she worked along the Great Lakes with the Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. She then decided to move to Florida and became an educator, first in the K-12 system and then in higher education, where she completed her Ph.D. in organizational leadership with an emphasis in higher education. Maura currently teaches environmental science and biology classes as an associate professor at St. Petersburg College in Florida.


While teaching about the importance of pollinators, Maura became interested in bees and beekeeping. After joining the Pinellas Beekeepers Association, she has been instrumental as a board member, acting as a liaison between the college and the association. She arranges for the college to host monthly meetings with guest speakers and helped establish an educational apiary on campus property which she maintains. There, she manages her bees and educates students and community members, providing them with hands-on experience. Maura has demonstrated and honed her beekeeping skills through the University of Florida’s Master Beekeeping Program while also administering educational outreach programs to local schools and community organizations. As an advisory board member of the Pinellas County Extension (Chair 2020-2022), she has provided input as the county has been moving to become a “Bee County” by making vegetation bee friendly and adding this information to the Integrated Vegetation Management course given to county employees. At present, Maura is developing curriculum for a special topics course in beekeeping for undergraduate students at her college. 


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