Our Mission


Sea & Learn on Saba is a non-profit foundation that brings together the local community, diverse nature experts and visitors to understand the value of preserving, protecting, and sustaining the local natural environment on Saba and worldwide and to educate the potential safe-keepers in order to sustain viability ad infinitum as an eco-tourism destination. 

After 14 years of environmental awareness outreach, the Board realized that protecting the cultural resources and heritage of Saba goes hand-in-hand with the mission of Sea & Learn. In 2016, our official mission statement was expanded to include this goal.


Whether your mission is to find out which tropical plant can be made into a calming tea, how far a baby turtle swims to reach Saba or to simply have another reason to visit this special island, join the fun of Sea & Learn on Saba. We guarantee you will enhance your environmental awareness.

Sea & Learn on Saba is governed by a board that produces an annual report with full accounting of income and expenses, audited by an independent accountant. The "target group" of Sea & Learn is the local Saban community consisting of Saba citizens, adults and children, local businesses and visiting tourists. For more information, enjoy this website or contact us to answer any specific questions. Like us on Facebook to follow the happenings of the program as well as environmental issues of interest.