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Nathalie Duporge

Nathalie Duporge is a French wildlife zoologist with a dual professional background combining ex-situ and in-situ conservation skills. She started her career on Polar bears breeding behavior and Endangered Eld’s deer conservation. Taking care during decade for multiple species such as manned wolfs, fishing cats, parrots, or tortoises, she then moved to the Caribbean where she has developed and participated in numerous research and conservation actions with iguanas, sea turtles and cetaceans, from French Guiana to Saint-Martin F.W.I.

As an expert in biodiversity management with 13 years' experience in the overseas territories, she is involved in the development and coordination of scientific and educational projects, the management of living heritage and the monitoring and supervision of projects on local ecosystems, marine and terrestrial biodiversity and control of IAS. Dedicated to research, knowledge, awareness-raising and control actions for species such as Iguana iguana, Urva auropunctata and Chlorocebus sabaeus, she likes design and implement local based conservation actions for endemic species at stake (terrestrial and marine reptiles, birds, cetaceans, etc.). Based in Martinique, she focused on conservation projects for Iguana delicatissima for the last 5 years and she had the pleasure to join the IUCN Iguana Specialist Group in 2021. Innovative in the tools she uses (camera traps, endoscopy, IR imaging, photo-identification, etc.), she has long been active in the French West Indies' National Action Plans, and have a thorough knowledge of the region and its stakeholders.

She's a dynamic and motivated person, thriving in every stage of project management; especially reporting and communicating with any audience to share results and knowledge through the design of educational tools, facilitation, and training of numerous local and international audiences or networks.

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