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Diving Into World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day is a time to celebrate the incredible wonders of our oceans and to recognize the vital role they play in sustaining life on Earth. One of the most exhilarating ways to experience the underwater world is through scuba that's just what we did!

This past Saturday, June 8, the Sea & Learn Foundation teamed up with Sea Saba and Colibri Cafe to organize a community outreach event that allowed members of the community (individuals and families) to gain exposure to scuba diving in a shallow, protected area of Saba’s harbor while also enjoying food and music.

A total of 16 people (12 kids!) got to experience the magical feeling of breathing underwater through a regulator for the first time! AND almost 80 people enjoyed the delicious BBQ. The event wrapped up with a raffle drawing (because who doesn't want to win a prize?). All in all, more than $1,200 was raised to support scuba diving training and marine ecology education for Saba’s youth!

Based on this year's fintastic success, we aim to make this an annual event to boost interest and reduce financial barriers, making Saba’s coral reefs more accessible to its young stewards. Encouraging children and teens to explore the underwater world can spark their interest in marine science and environmental conservation, ensuring that the legacy of ocean protection continues.

So what's next? Certifications!

After positive reactions from everyone who tried scuba diving, we hope people will be inspired to continue their dive education. The funds raised will contribute to reducing the overall costs associated with getting certified.

We want Saba's youth to join the club (literally) by participating in the Youth Environmental Leadership Program (YELP). YELP focuses on getting Saba’s youth involved in environmental sciences and conservation projects to help them learn the value of teamwork, develop leadership skills, and build self-confidence.

YELP not only teaches kids how to scuba dive but takes it to another level by strengthening underwater skills (performing underwater surveys and assessments by using transects, quadrats and calipers, etc.) if already certified. These hands-on underwater skills allow the students to more deeply engage with our scientists during Sea & Learn in October. And we have really cool scientists and activities lined up this year as always!

As Carnival season is upon us, we are reminded of the popular song "Follow the Leader" and the importance of a strong, positive role model. Kemaul Lee from The Spot Youth Center for teens demonstrated he is one of them by not only encouraging teens to try diving but also tried it for himself...and LOVED IT!

By bringing together the Saba community to celebrate World Ocean Day, we empower individuals to experience and enjoy the blue (and majority) portion of our planet. Engaging young people in underwater activities instills a sense of responsibility and passion for marine conservation, ensuring the next generation is equipped and motivated to protect our oceans.

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