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This Year's Event


From the sky to the ocean floor and all that is between, Sea & Learn on Saba invites you to explore nature and enhance your environmental awareness. 2022 will be the 19th month-long event of this award-winning program.  

The 2022 program will be here before you know it! Check out the Experts page for our preliminary list of invitees and stay tuned for more.


For those of you new to our program...

Saba, a tiny Caribbean island, just 28 miles from St. Maarten, offers a unique annual event in October:  Sea & Learn on Saba. Saba, known as The Unspoiled Queen, is proud of its nature and preservation efforts. We hope the video to the right, which details the 2014 event, gives you an idea of what to expect this year. A trailer for this year's event should be out in September.

Throughout the entire month of October a variety of naturalists, scientists and academics in fields ranging from sharks and the fish communication to spiders and vines that threaten to strangle many islands' natural terrain provide casual but informative multi-media presentations. In addition to nightly presentations, you are invited to join field/research projects or assist in nature surveys conducted throughout the event. These same experts also work with Saba's school children and locals to ensure the next generation continues to have appreciation for the nature of Saba.


Whether your reason to visit Saba is hiking, diving or just relaxing, the timing of the daily Sea & Learn events is scheduled to allow visitors and locals alike to enjoy their day on Saba. A "happy hour" environment is provided at different venues so that dinner plans are easily accommodated after the nightly sessions. Field and research project scheduling varies and will be announced in advance. You can  choose to attend as many or as few events as you like. Some field projects require advance sign up.


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