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Roel van Bezouw


Roel van Bezouw is a Genomic Breeder at Rijk Zwaan Breeding, the biggest vegetable seed breeding company in the Netherlands. He had previously done a PhD in Plant Genetics. Through a sidestep, he is a long time interest in Collembola, a daunting group that not many dare to explore. Specialized in their taxonomy, he is involved in discovering species newly recorded in the Netherlands and helps out others with their identification. Furthermore, he participated in the taxonomic resolution a difficult group in the Sminthurinus genus in Western Europe. Although Collembola been explored relatively scarcely there, the Dutch Caribbean have exactly 0 records for the entire species group making this one of the least explored groups of the region. A fact that definitely requires change!


Together with Rosanne, Roel will venture the island to discover the life of this soil fauna group in detail. Come get along, for stories and discoveries!

Roel and Rosanne will be on Saba October 11-25.

Presentation: October 19

Field Project: October 20

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