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Rosanne Dodde


Rosanne Dodde is an enthusiastic Masters student that loves to share and find stories of weird and overlooked animals. Currently finishing her Masters degree in Biology with a specialization in Ecology at the Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands. She has done her Master thesis on the diversity and community development of springtails on green roofs. Springtails/Collembolans are colourful and tiny soil animals (<5mm) that are one of the first insect groups that dwelled the earth, and haven't change dramatically since. They are still keeping up the good work and are the biggest group of soil organisms next to nematodes! 

Rosanne and Roel are possibly the first people to look at this organismal group in Saba and hope to find new species for science. This is not the first time Rosanne has found new species for science as she was part of a research cruise for her internship that found more than 150 new species on the seamounts in the open seas next to Chile. She is currently describing a beautiful new species of pink and yellow squat lobster that lives in a photogenic zone at 350 meters deep. 


Next to learning more about these organisms Rosanne is also passionate about education. The last 2 years she has taken part in organising 63 nature education activities. At her university she assisted courses about but not limited to Flora & Fauna, Vertebrates, Invertebrates and Marine Life.

Come join Rosanne and Roel to find new species of ancient soil fairies, and learn about what makes springtails and other soil organisms special and important!

Rosanne and Roel will be on Saba October 11-25.

Presentation: October 19

Field Project: October 20

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