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Pure and natural soaps, candles, green cleaning and well-being products handmade on Saba. Local, vegan, certified organic & sustainable ingredients.

Saban Rock Living is all about well-being! We create Saban made products that are natural with reusable and re-purposed packaging and using local Saban ingredients as much as possible.

We emphasize the strength and versatility of natural ingredients, essential oils and pure products. Finding natural products that achieve better results than artificial, is our goal. Keeping true to our own local environment, making use of what is available or can be grown is our mission.

Today we make soaps, creams, lotions, oils, sunscreens, lipbalms, deoderizers, candles, room fresheners, solar lights, crochet household items as well as interior decorations. 

All as natural, pure and local as possible.


Tel: +599 416-1471

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