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Sidney Lower

Sidney Lower

I am an astronomy graduate student at the University of Florida. I completed my undergraduate degree in physics at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I grew up in central Illinois (far from anything) so the brilliant night sky was the best thing to watch and study. I then learned about ‘cosmological simulations,’ which are complicated codes that simulate a small universe in a box. This way I can study galaxies, stars, gas, and dust up close. With these simulations, I am improving the ways through which we estimate the masses of real galaxies, eventually helping us to understand how galaxies form and grow. Even though most of my time is spent in front of a computer, I still love using telescopes to look at the night sky, observing everything from binary stars to the Orion Nebula.



We will be updating our calendar with activity dates and times as we continue to coordinate our event. Stay tuned!





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