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Wicking Beds Workshop

Bring your own container if you want to build a wicking bed at the workshop OR simply come to learn and observe the techniques as Sam Frederick leads participants through the hands-on process of building wicking beds.


Any impermeable container that is at least 12 inches deep can work as a wicking bed. Do you have an old plastic bin that you’re not using? It could be a wicking bed! Larger beds can be made by using plastic lining inside a wooden frame.

This workshop has been postponed. This page will be updated when a new workshop date is determined.

Online registration will reopen at that time.

This workshop is supported by the Nature and Environment Policy Plan (NEPP) and specifically the hydroponics farm as part of the Public Entity Saba's aim to increase awareness among the community, to support more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices and to embed in the island community the knowledge needed to grow our own food through backyard farming practices.

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